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Industrial Park "OKA"
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The Management Company if the OKA Industrial Park provides the following resident support: rent-free period of up to 6 months during the production start-up, resident shall pay, as per the effective district tariffs, for the used resources only.

The Russian Ministry of Trade and Industry

Государственная поддержка субъектов малого и среднего предпринимательства.

State support of small and medium-sized businesses. The Russian Ministry of Trade and Industry implements a state support program in respect to the investment projects carried out in Russia, which is based on project financing and was approved by Russian Government Decree No. 1044 dated 11 October 2014.

  • Soft bank lending, 11% per annum
Russian State Program, “Industry Development and Competitive Ability Improvement”:
  • subsidizing from federal budget
  • supporting innovation development of specialized machinery production enterprises (with regard to research and development, key innovation projects, grants).
Minpromtorg (Ministry of Industry and Trade)

Vladimir Region Administration

Vladimir Region Administration provides businesses and investors with comprehensive systematic project support; regulations on tax advantages for investors in terms of decreased profit tax rate and exemption from property tax were adopted and are in effect. The regional tax advantages are guaranteed during the whole payback period of an investment project to the extent provided in the effective legislation. The Administration creates comfortable business climate driven by investor’s challenges and problems. Investors are supported at every stage from site selection application to state commissioning of a completed industrial facility.

Department of Investments and Foreign Economic Activity

Investor support measures:

  • Corporate property tax rate - 2.2%
  • Transport tax rate - 10 rubles per h.p.
  • Profit tax rate - 15.5% (up to 18% in certain cases)
  • Land tax rate - 1.5%
Vladimir Region Department of Investments and Foreign Economic Activity

Vladimir Region Administration Department of Entrepreneurship,

Fund for Advancing Investments in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Vladimir Region

  • Leasing privileges for small and medium-sized businesses
Vladimir Region Administration Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Services Development

Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects

Supporting certain entrepreneurs and developing their business projects.

  • Administrative support
  • Methodological support
  • Informational support
Business project support