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About the location


  • 2014 marked 1152 years since Murom’s foundation. It is one of the oldest Russian cities that was mentioned in the Primary Chronicle of Russia, the Tale of Bygone Years, under year 862, along with Novgorod, Polotsk, Rostov, Belozersk
  • The city is located at the left Oka River bank in the center of the European Russia, 137 from Vladimir, near the Nizhny Novgorod Region border. It is a part of the Central Federal District.
  • Over 120,000 people live in Murom. It is the third largest city of the Vladimir Region, the first two being Vladimir and Kovrov
Everyone in Russia knows about Ilya Muromets, the honored warrior hero of the Russian folk epics, who comes “From the famous city of Murom, out of the village of Karacharovo”

Murom’s contribution to the Russian ancient history is substantial. It is crucial for studying Russian folk epics, literature works and architecture. It is mentioned in chronicles and legends. In XVI - XVII centuries, famous literary works of ancient Russia were created here, including the Tale of Peter and Fevronia of Murom, a true masterpiece of the world literature. People come to Murom to adore the relics of these two saints who are the Orthodox patrons of marriage.

Two convents and two monasteries were restored and opened in Murom. The Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior is one of the oldest monasteries in the North-Eastern Russia, being founded over 900 years ago. Architecture of XVI - XVII centuries can be found here. The Annunciation Monastery was found by Ivan the Terrible. The Cathedral of the Monastery dates back to XVII century and is a renowned architectural work. It accommodates icons that date back to XVI - XVII centuries.

The Trinity Convent was built and opened in XVII century by Bogdan Tsvetnoy, a privileged merchant of so-called Gostinaya sotnya. The sophisticated elegancy of the architecture complex is astonishing; it is decorated with ceramic tiles and lacy stone carving.

The Convent of the Ascension is located in the north of the city, at the river bank. There you can find a great cathedral and an original church with a belfry dating back to XVII century. All the churches of the city belonging to XVIII - XIX are currently being restored. A new Ilya Muromets Temple was built at the cemetery, the Temple of Our Lady of Murom was built outside the town; the only monument to Ilya Muromets, the hero of folk epics and an Orthodox saint, in Russia was established in Murom in 1999 (sculptor: V. Klykov)

Present Days

  • In 2014, the Ministry of Regional Development announced the results of the contest titled The Most Comfortable City (Settlement) in Russia 2013. Murom took the third place among Cities With Population Exceeding 100 Thousand People
  • Murom is a major railroad junction. Long-distance trains connect it to Moscow, St. Petersburg and the East of Russia.
  • Every year the Bogatyrskoye Razdolye Tourist Festival takes place in Murom (as a part of Bogatyrskiye Zabavy (i.e. “Heroes’ Games”) Regional Festival), where every participant can immerse in the Ilya Muromets epoch and find out how did our ancestors lived, what they ate and drank, how did they have fun and what contests did they take part in
  • Thousands of tourists and pilgrims come every year to the Trinity Convent, where the relics of Peter and Fevronia of Murom, the patrons of family and marriage
Currently, the city is a major industrial center specializing in metal processing and machine building boasting well-developed transport infrastructure